Toronto Ghost Walk

​​​​​​​​​Join us as we embark on a guided walking tour around Queen's Park and the University of Toronto campus, an area steeped in tradition and ghost sightings. Learn of the many chilling myths and ghastly deeds that haunt the halls of some of Toronto's oldest buildings.

All stories on this carefully researched route have been handpicked by our team to bring you only the best and most talked about ghosts.  Hear about young Celeste, the Master, a murdered stone mason, our first Prime Minister, and many more.

Perfect for those interested in ghosts as well as history lovers, and anyone looking for an interesting night out.  Bring your stories, your grandmother's story, we'd love to hear them.  Group participation is both welcomed and encouraged.   

  Is it scary?  Not really, probably more funny than scary.  And do not fear, nothing will jump out of the bushes at you as we are a family friendly walking tour, not a haunted house. 

​Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or someone in between, you'll find yourself having a great time exploring some of Toronto's most haunted locations with us. 

Enlightening, not frightening.